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Marseille is neither as rich in established museums and relative places of interest as Paris for instance, nor very interesting from architectural point of view. It is a place of interest itself together with its inhabitants. The city is distinguished by its cosmopolitan character. Apart from native French you can meet people of various nationalities: Italians, Armenians, Tunisians and other native Arabs from the North Africa. Do you remember famous “Taxi” by Luc Besson? All four parts of the sequel were shot mostly in Marseille. The main character is not incidentally played by Arab native Sami Naceri. Among main characters of another more fresh film L’immortel which came out in 2010 there are also several Arab natives, the action of the film takes place in Marseille.

There are several mainly Arab districts in Marseille where you can hardly meet a French native. Quartier Belsunce is just one of the place. It is a mainly trading area without any special shops, you can buy anything anywhere, spices are sold next to clothes. It is noisy and extravagant but not a very safe district being far from the best place where you could bring your Marseille girls.

La Canebière on the other hand is one of the city’s landmarks and most popular tourist place. It is a wide though quite short boulevard about one kilometer in length going down to the port with numerous shops, cafés and hotels on both sides. The name derives from the cannabis originally growing there providing raw materials for city’s rope production which used to flourish in the city in former times. If you are in the right mood ready to sink into dynamic and noisy atmosphere of the street you should go there accompanied by call girls Marseille to make some shopping and stop at a couple of cafés for a traditional French cup of coffee.

Other main shopping areas include rue Paradis, rue de Rome and rue Saint Ferréol.

If you want to buy a souvenir to remind you about your journey to Marseille when you are at home you should choose savon de Marseille (a soap traditionally made in the city) and santons (wooden or clay figures). Your escort girl Marseille will be able to choose santons in the Ateliers Marcel Carbonel offering a rich collection of the figures. Besides here you can find such traditional products as pastis (an alcoholic beverage – anis vodka used as aperitif), garlic (the main ingredient of Provençal cuisin), traditional Provençal pottery and fabric.

La Maison du Pastis offers a long list of various pastis, the best in the city counting more than ninety kinds, some of the beverages are homemade.

Le Four des Navettes is a delicatessen shop where you can find tasty boat-shaped orange-savored biscuits named navettes.

When the night comes the historical centre near the hotel of your stay Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port is illuminated perfectly that makes you think about the place where you should spend the evening with your Marseille call girl.

Like everything in this southern Mediterranean city the nightlife is also very dynamic and live in all aspects. The most tense nightlife area in Marseille is evidently the Vieux Port, Place Thiars and the Escale Borély. Second in the list of night venues places stands Cours Julien in La Plaine area.

Located on the south of the Vieux Port Bar de la Marine has a rich drink list and is considered to be very popular both among the citizens and tourists. It was once chosen as a shooting ground for a scene in a feature film of the 1930’s. If you want to feel an atmosphere of an old bar providing modern service you should bring your call girl Marseille to this bar.

Café de la Plage, a pretentious bar on the sea coast next to the Prado Beaches is most popular between rich youth keen on surfing. If you or your escort girl Marseille like cocktails you should inevitably visit the place as the view is gorgeous, cocktails served are numerous and music is ultrafashionable.

Le Canebière is a good and plain traditional bar located on La Canebière popular both between Marseillaises and tourists having pavement seats and brasserie service all day long. Though it is no special sports bar one can watch sports events on the large screen set inside. If you want to feel actual mood of the city you should attend this traditional bar together with call girl Marseille.

Le Trolleybus is a night club functioning to meet all tastes of night life lovers. It has four areas – Abribus, Terminus, Trollybar and Whiskybar, each offering different music styles namely electro, funk, house, soul, pop and rock.

If you or your escort girl Marseille still have any doubt about Marseille cosmopolitan character you should attend Dock des Suds. The great variety of different kinds of world music can be heard here. Musicians from all continents – Africa, Asia, America – will play for you.

Espace Julien is not only the place where live music of practically any modern genre can be heard. It is a theatre resembling a cabaret.

Being a mixture of a bar, restaurant and stage place La Caravelle offers live jazz shows. Thus the place is extremely popular with jazz music funs. Besides the venue overlooks the Vieux Port offering exciting view on the harbor. If you are fascinated with the description of the place you should keep in mind the schedule: the acts take place on Wednesday and Friday. Take care to book a table beforehand and enjoy both the music and the view together with escort girl Marseille.


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