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Nantes is the sixth biggest city of France located in the Western part of the country and associated with a province of Brittany (Bretagne) originally being the capital and a historic centre of the province. Though upon the administrative reorganization of 1962 the city was moved to another administration unit Pays de la Loire it is still associated with Bretagne. Like most of French cities Nantes started its history over two thousand years ago founded in about 70 BC. Most historic buildings were destroyed during the Second World War therefore the city does not give an impression of an ancient one. Nevertheless some landmark buildings have been reconstructed and are popular tourist sights nowadays.

As soon as you arrive in the city together with a call girl Nantes the first thing to do is apparently to accommodate at a hotel. There are over 60 hotels in Nantes, they are not ranked as high as some luxurious hotels in larger cities, but in general the service level is acceptable.

The best Nantes hotels comprise Residhome Nantes Berges De La Loire and Hotel Mercure Nantes Central, both offering similar range of amenities and service level. The main difference is in the location: Residhome Nantes Berges De La Loire is located in about 1.5 kilometers away of the centre while Hotel Mercure Nantes Central being just around 150 meters away from Place Royale, a central square of the city. You may discuss it with your escort girl à Nantes and choose one of the hotels to stay in.

Like many cities with great history counting several centuries Nantes has its own Old Town, the area where historic buildings, churches and fortresses are located. Take on your sports boots, jeans and a t-shirt, bring your Nantes call girl with and go strolling around the district saturated with historical events ever taken place in the city.

The construction of the Old Town was started in the late eighteenth century during the Nantes thriving period when sugar and slave trades were on their highest level of development. A certain messieurs Graslin was the initiator of the area’s development. Now one of the squares of the Old Town bears his name (Place Graslin).

Place Royale became the central square of the area as well as the whole city of Nantes. Being destroyed during British bombing in the Second World War, Place Royale has been recently renovated. There is an attractive fountain being a highlight of the square. If you and your escort girl Nantes happen to walk around the place in the dark take a glance on the fountain. Beautifully illuminated it seems to be levitating over the square.

Another distinguished feature of the Old Town is Grand Théâtre at Place Graslin, a huge building of classic architecture.

Popular both among tourists and natives Passage Pommeraye offers a wide range of shops inside. Take care to pick up a camera with you as the building is worth being shot. Your escort girl Nantes will surely be excited about the place because of a great opportunity to make a good shopping in this chain of boutiques and numerous stores as well as the gorgeous interior of the Passage decorated with marble statues. You will be able to make some pictures from the long upper galleries of the building.

However if you think about the most distinctive sights of the city of Nantes you will evidently make your mind on two: Château des Ducs and Cathédrale St-Pierre-et-St-Paul.

One of the most significant sights of the city as we have already mentioned is Château des Ducs (the Castle of the Dukes), a fortified castle first built in the 9th-10th century, then reconstructed during the 13th century, destroyed and rebuilt again in the 15th century by François II and his daughter Duchess Anne. At that time the castle was used as the residence of the Dukes of Brittany. A number of famous people visited the Château at different periods. Your escort girl Nantes will be impressed to know that among such people there was Gilles de Rais more known as a Bluebeard who was imprisoned and publicly executed in 1440. The Edict of Nantes ending the war between the Catholics and Protestants was signed in the Castle in 1598 by Henri IV. Nowadays the Château has been renovated and opened to public in 2007 being used as a museum area. The Château is surrounded by a moat filled with water and a grand lawn used by citizens as a picnic place. Take a bottle of wine, some local sandwiches and make a small picnic with your escort girls Nantes. It will be unforgettable!

Another most popular landmark of the city is Cathédrale St-Pierre-et-St-Paul. There is one very peculiar fact about this church which you can mention to your escort girl Nantes to interest her in visiting the place. During its long history it suffered numerous disasters but revived each time again. Founded in 1434 it remained unfinished up to the end of the 19th century; during the Revolution it was used as a barn; it was practically ruined during bombing in 1943; then a fire took place in 1971. The Cathédrale has been reconstructed recently and now it attracts tourists visiting Nantes.

Though proud of its historic places the city intends to enlarge the scope of its places of interest trying to invent a new sight brand. In order to attract tourists a new project named Les Machines de l'île (Machines of the Isle) started in 2007 by launching the first grand mechanical Elephant. You and your escort girl Nantes will be excited observing the huge figure of the Elephant striding stately over the former shipyard territory. Two other machines in project include the Marine Worlds Carrousel (is to be constructed by 2012) and Heron Tree (2014).

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