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In the very North-West part of France near the Belgium border there is another tourist centre titled a European Capital of Culture in 2004. The city of Lille is the capital of the Nord-Pas de Calais region and the fourth largest city of France. Located on the Deûle River Lille has the second largest river port after Paris.

Upon the opening of a TGV railway in 1993 and the Channel Tunnel in 1994 Lille has become an important transportation hub in Western Europe, a vital railroad connection between the three European capitals: Paris, London and Brussel, and such French metropolises as Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse incorporated into TGV network. Thus if you and your escorts Lille have to depart to one of these cities it will not take you long. Paris can be reached in an hour, Brussels – in about forty minutes and London in one hour and a half.

Compatible with French TGV railroad the British Eurostar train line connects France and UK coasts and makes it possible for Eurostar trains to arrive at Lille train station.

There are actually two railway stations located next to each other that is why you and your Lille escort should be very careful in order not to confuse the stations. Gare de Lille-Europe (Lille-Europe station) tends high speed trains both internationally and inside the country. Low speed local trains arrive and depart at Gare de Lille-Flandres (Lille-Flandres station).

As an established tourist destination Lille is known by its cobbled narrow streets, architecturally attractive old buildings, various boutiques and typical for France large number of cafés and restaurants.

However the influence of neighboring Britain can be observed in some residential areas. Numerous terraced houses with narrow gardens at the back side typical for the UK suburbs but strange for French cityscapes can be found in Lille.

Staying in Lille as in any other large city of France is always a pleasure having in mind a hotel accommodation as well as dining out or sightseeing. The hotel service is generally of the highest level, the cuisine is superb and the sights are attractive. Therefore no matter which of the top rated hotels you and your escorte Lille will prefer, a luxurious L'Hermitage Gantois, old fashioned Hotel Carlton, superb Alliance Lille - Couvent Des Minimes or modern Crowne Plaza Euralille, you will inevitably enjoy both the interior and the service as well as the overlook from your window and the list of amenities. Besides it will take you just several minutes to reach any of Lille points of interest as each hotel is located in the centre of the city.

The most popular tourist destination in Lille is regarded La Vieille Ville (the Old Town). This historic area with typical old cobbled narrow streets formed by closely built Flemish houses has become a lovely place filled with numerous cafés and stylish boutiques, the most favourite walking area among tourists. On Sundays La Vieille Ville houses an open market with different interesting things on sale. Your escort Lille and you will be able to buy some special gifts to take home at this market. There is Basilique-cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille (Gothic Cathedral) not far away which usually attracts tourists as well.

Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts) has become a landmark of the city due to its richest collection of art pieces. Founded on Napoleon’s order in 1809 the museum has been growing its collection and nowadays is regarded the second largest in France after Louvre. The collection comprises the fine arts of the 15th – 20th century period and contains paintings by such world known artists as Donatello, El Greco, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck, David and Toulouse-Lautrec. The names are impressive, neither you nor your escorte Lille will not be disappointed with the excursion around the place.

While strolling around the city together with your escort Lille you will inevitably come across La Vieille Bourse that is an impressive grand building lying between the Grand Place and Place du Théâtre. Being originally a trading centre where Flanders merchants used to sell their famous high quality clothes, Vieille Bourse has become a place popular among bookstore owners, florists, chess players and tourists. The building has a peculiar construction consisting of 24 similar sections forming a courtyard.

Place du Général de Gaulle (Grand Place) is regarded a popular tourist place next to Vieille Bourse and La Voix du Nord. The square is distinguished by a monument in its centre that is a column with a statue on the top surrounded by the fountain. Each end of April the square is turned into a grand flowerbed for a few days since a flower market is opened here. If you arrive in Lille on Christmas time together with your escort Lille you will be able to take a roll on the ferris wheel set at the square during the holiday.

Chambre de Commerce belfry tower can be easily seen from the Place du Théâtre. Built in 1902 the tower dominates the city rising as high as 76 meters.

The Citadel is the only sight that cannot be attended at least on your own. This is because this historic fortification is still occupied by the Amy housing NATO headquarters. Built in the 17th century the fort is a complicated five-pointed star shaped construction, a splendid sample of the architecture. If you are interested in visiting the place you should visit a tourist office for checking about special tours around the Citadel. Your escort Lille will undoubtedly be impressed on the peculiarity of the excursion.