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Except Paris there is another ancient and very beautiful city in France that is famous for its silk and titled a gastronomical capital of France. Have you guessed? Lyon, of course. If you want to know France better you should definitely visit this wonderful city together with your escort Lyon.

The most comfortable hotels in Lyon are five star Sofitel Lyon Bellecour and Villa Florentine, both located in the centre of the city offering all modern amenities. So whether you choose one or another you will enjoy staying at the hotel together with your escort girls Lyon.

Lyon is an ancient city founded at the times of the Roman Empire. Therefore one of the oldest sights of the city is Amphitheatre Gallo-Romain built on Fourvière hill during the reign of Emperor Tiberius. There are few places in the world where such amphitheatres still exist so you will never regret if you visit the place together with your Lyon escort.

Another Lyon hallmark is not far away from the amphitheatre. Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière is considered one of the symbols of the city. Built in the late 19th century on the former location of the Roman Forum on the top of Fourvière hill the basilica was dedicated to Virgin Mary who saved the citizens from plague epidemics in 1643. The basilica consists of four main towers and a bell tower with a golden stature of Virgin Mary on the top. You and your escorts Lyon will enjoy contemplating marvelous mosaics and stained-glass windows which decorate the basilica.

If you happen to visit Lyon in December the 8th you and your escort Lyon will be happy to attend a picturesque “la Fête des lumières” (Festival of Lights) dedicated to Virgin Mary: a fantastic light show is made on the side of Cathédrale St-Jean (the Cathedral of St John the Baptist) and some other city’s monuments. The citizens light candles on their windows thus thanking the Virgin for safety from the Middle Aged plague.

In just one minute walk away from the basilica, on the distance of about 100 meters your escort a Lyon will most probably notice a construction most resembling a famous Eiffel Tower though considerably lower. That is another main sight of the city named Tour métallique de Fourvière (Metallic Tower of Fourviere). It is indeed over four times less than the tower in Paris and is closed for public due to its television function.

While walking around the city together with your Lyon escort you may come across a few quite unusual buildings decorated with frescos (Fresque des Lyonnais) illustrated established citizens.

The very heart of the city is Place Bellecour (the Bellecour Square). Together with your escort girls Lyon you will be impressed by the size and beauty of the place. It is the biggest “clean” square (means having no trees or other obstacles) in Europe. In the centre of the square you will see a nineteenth century Equestrian statue of Louis XIV and in the western part of the square you will find Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his Little Prince statues erected just eleven years ago.

If you or your escort Lyon want to visit an art gallery the best place to go is Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon (Fine Arts Museum). There you will be able to contemplate the masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens,Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Nicolas Poussin, collections of paintings by impressionists Monet, Delacroix, Gauguin, Matisse, Cézanne, Van Gogh, collections of painting by Picasso and other prominent artists.

If you come to visit Lyon during the warm period you will probably want to walk in one of the largest city parks in France, Parc de la Tête d'Or, (Golden Head Park). It contains a small Zoo, some sports places and Jardin botanique de Lyon (a botanical garden) that was established over 150 years ago and is now the largest municipal garden in France. Escorting Lyon will definitely be impressed with the variety of exotic plants growing in the garden.

Wandering in the city can be a bit tiresome and besides stimulating appetite. It is time to have some snack and get a proof that Lyon is a gastronomy capital of France indeed. So together with escort Lyon you should attend one of the multiple bouchons, a unique kind of a restaurant found nowhere except Lyon. Traditional Lyonnais cuisine consists mostly of meat thus the food may seem a bit too fatty and heavy but still very tasty. Accompanied by fine Beaujolais red wine it will be digested easily and neither you nor escorting Lyon get extra pounds.

After a long full of excitement day you may want to change the atmosphere from contemplating city sights to watching dancing girls. So it is time to visit one of the multiple bars or night clubs, have some drink with music and light flashing in the background. Escort Lyon will change her jeans and a t-shirt into a cocktail dress and sports boots into high heels. And now you are no longer a pair of tourists seeking sights and making pictures but a respective couple ready to go out.

You may choose one of the following popular night life places in Lyon. If you are a jazz and blues lover you should attend an English-style Albion Bar. Are you fond of dancing? Go to the largest dance floor of Le First Tendency, a popular disco of the city. Want to relax? La Voile - Ice Club will fit you most. The integration of a discotheque and a bar with choicest wines and subtle snack will let you chat with your escort girl as well as watch her dancing. The variety of old and latest music can be listened to in Le Fridge bar. Koubalibre combines a restaurant, karaoke and a disco. You may also try your luck at Casino Le Pharaon.