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France is world known for its beautifully constructed parks with neatly cut plants. Nantes has a most unusual park that is actually not typically French. A Japanese garden is located on Ile de Versailles, a small island in the middle of the river L'Erdre. There used to be a shipyard on the island, but by 1987 the vessel construction and repair had been stopped and the island became a garden.

Ile de Versailles is now a picturesque landscape constructed in the accordance with all cannons of the traditional Japanese garden. There are typical Japanese plants like Bambusa and Japanese cherry trees, waterfalls, pebble alleys, stone gardens, inevitable Zen Garden and other elements typical for such kind of a park. There is also a Japanese tea house on the island. The island offers an exceptional view on the old part of the city as well. Take your camera with you. There will be a great opportunity to fill in your camera memory card by shooting gorgeous landscapes in the garden. Together with your Nantes escort you will enjoy both the scenes and the tea party.

Coming back to the Old Town you will most likely pass through the Grand Théâtre at Place Graslin. Next to the Théâtre there is La Cigale brasserie where you can taste over 200 kinds of bear! We bet neither you nor your escort Nantes have ever found such variety of bear anywhere else. So even if you are not a bear lover it is worth visiting the place just to see this range of the beverage. Since the location is not only a brasserie but also a fish restaurant you can taste fish or seafood dishes in the place. Though if you are not a fish lover you can ask for some traditional French cuisine which is also served here. The building of 1895 designed in Art Nouveau style is also a place of interest itself.

Being one of the main tourist centers of France Nantes has a huge variety of shops and boutiques. The prominent trading area is certainly Rue Crébillon a semi-pedestrian street located between Place Royale and Place Graslin. Rue Crébillon is known for vast number of top rated shops and luxurious boutiques where you can find stylish clothes of recognizable brands. Other popular shopping districts located mainly in the center of the city next to Place Royale and Place Graslin include Rue Boileau, Rue du Calvaire, Rue d'Orléans, Passage Pommeraye and Decré, a pedestrian shopping area. Like any woman in such situation your escort Nantes will be delighted with the possibility to make some shopping in these stylish boutiques.

If your hobby is collecting antiques then you should come around Place Aristide-Briand, Rue Mercoeur or L'Ecritoire Antiquites having a rich collection of antique furniture and other interesting things.

Looking for something extraordinary to bring back home? Exceptional souvenirs can be found in Maison Devineau including flowers, fruit and vegetables all being made of wax.

While in France you can taste different kinds of wine produced in various provinces and wine production areas. Nantes is not an exception. Muscadet is the right place in the city to find local wine, its Cellier des Vignes has a rich collection of fine wine.

Are you fond of chocolate? No? What about escort Nantes? She certainly is. Real chocolate masterpieces both beautifully decorated and extremely delicious can be bought at the chocolate boutique Gautier de Botte founded in 1823.

Dining out in Nantes as in any other area in France is not a problem. There is over 300 restaurants of different size and type. Here is the list of the most common and the most distinguished ones just in order to have an opportunity of choice.

La Ciboulette can be described as a chic bistro. It is a plain local restaurant not far from the Cathédrale. It is far from the place where you would go on special occasion, just an everyday location with substantial menu and regional wine. Mind that the restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Chez L'Huitre is a combination of a pub, bistro and brasserie serving mainly seafood and fish. You will not be able to have a Sunday lunch there but in general the restaurant remains open until late.

Another good place worth being visited is Le Minotaure. Everyone can find a dish fit his taste here. Thus even if you like meat and your escort Nantes prefers seafood dishes Le Minotaure is the restaurant you should visit while being in Nantes. World-known French cuisine, traditional Mediterranean gastronomy and local Bretagne cooking can be found in this restaurant serving meat, fish and seafood, heavy and light dishes traditionally flavored and containing a lot of local vegetables so it is digested easily. Depending on the weather you can sit either inside or outside since there are pavement seats in the place. Besides the restaurant is open until late.

Strolling around the old part of the city you can come across Place du Bouffay housing a few lovely restaurants serving dishes of international cooking, and a number of bars with good collections of beverages.

Closer to the port you can find an unusual great octagon made by eight buildings thus forming La Place Mellinet. This unique square is one of the most interesting places and tourist attractions of the city of Nantes.

If you still not satisfied with the Nantes tour you can visit following places which can be interesting from the tourist point of view: 'Ile Feydeau, le Maillé-Brézé, Le Musée Jules Verne, La Tour LU (LU Tower), Musèe D'Obrèe, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, Jardin des Plantes, Marché Talensac.