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Your next stop will be in Toulouse, the fourth biggest city of France. It is an ancient city founded in Pre-Romans times. An unofficial name of the city is Ville Rose meaning Pink City due to red brick frontages of its buildings. During the daytime you may watch the colour of the brick walls constantly changing from pink at the dawn to red at noon and purple at the sunset all caused by the sunlight change.

Let us postpone the sightseeing to the afternoon time and bring your Toulouse escort to one of the city markets for shopping. Even if you are not fond of shopping the process nevertheless can be quite an excitement provided you will do shopping together with a beautiful young girls from Toulouse escorts. Just go to one of the open-air or covered markets and find a vast majority of world-known fashion brands. As usually shopping may last long you should not plan any other activity on the time before noon, at least. But when it is over, all the market area has been walked through, money spent, hands are full of packages and your escorts Toulouse is smiling happily. What can be better than to make your partner happy! Now you had better return to the hotel to leave the packages and change the dress since you are going to dinner out.

If you stay at a luxurious old-fashioned Crowne Plaza Toulouse designed in a classical style and located at the very heart of the city at Place du Capitole it will take you just a few minutes to go down to marvelous Le Grand Patio, one of two hotel restaurants decorated with fountains and statures in Ancient Roman style. A subtle French cuisine and choicest wines are served at the restaurant. But the dish you and escort Toulouse are obliged to taste is foie gras that is believed to be cooked especially delicious in this area.

After a dinner you will perhaps want to stroll around the centre of the city contemplating beautiful pink buildings mostly designed in Renaissance style. It may be amusing to see the sunlight playing on the frontages changing the colour in various shades of pink.

It is easy to find the right way in the city and practically no chance to be lost. Toulouse is divided into four parts by two cross streets - Rue du Languedoc with multiple shops and boutiques located on it, and Rue de Metz.

Place du Capitole is a central square and a heart of the city’s public life housing the Capitole de Toulouse, a 130-meters long palace built in the middle of the 18th century. There is a number of restaurants and cafes around the square, you can stop at one or another while strolling around. Following the net of small streets going out of the square you can come to other city’s squares.

Walking alongside the Garonne river by rue Grand-Rond and Jardin des Plantes you may enter wonderful parks and together with escort Toulouse get some rest from the urban life contemplating picturesque natural landscapes.

Alongside Canal du Midi you will find multiple cafes having open galleries onto the street. You can enter them one by one to have a cup of wonderful coffee, an espresso for you and a cappuccino for your escort girl, or vice versa.

Next to rue Grand-Rond there is the Saint Etienne cathedral built in a Roman and Gothic style mixture. The most popular among tourists Basilique Saint-Sernin is the biggest Roman style church in France built over nine hundred years ago. It houses a famous pipe organ so you can listen to wonderful organ music in the church. Apart from the basilica organ music can be found in some other churches and halls. Each September there is a special organ festival named Les Orgues festival. Musicians from all over the world arrive in Toulouse to create a divine music. If you occurred to be in the city during such festival you should by all means attend it together with your Toulouse escort and enjoy the marvelous music.

Toulouse in general has rich music traditions. You can find music of practically all genres here: classical, opera, bel canto which can be listened to in the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, Théâtre du Capitole or Halle aux Grains. Blues, jazz, rock and pop genres can be found in the Zénith, a new concert hall counting 9,000 seats and such spacious halls as Odyssud and Palais des Sports. More chamber performances can be attended in such venues as Altigone, Bijou, Bikini, Mazades and salle Nougaro. You may choose whatever fit most to your mood and go together with escort Toulouse to one of the concerts.

If you want to feel free in your movement, sitting in a concert hall is not the right pastime for you. You had better go to a bar with live music where you can come and leave whenever you wish. Such bars as Mandala or Erich Coffee offer performances by jazz and blues musicians or bands on regular basis. If escorts girls Toulouse like this genre you will have a great time listening to a favourite music together and drinking fine French wine, you will hardly notice how fast the time have passed.

Most night bars and clubs are located near the historical centre of Toulouse – at Place du Capitole and Place Wilson as well as in the neighboring streets. On weekdays the majority of them are open until 2 a.m. Nevertheless if you still feel strong and fresh to entertain longer you may continue in the Clap, or Purgatoire, or the Saint-Georges Club which are closed later. On weekend all the night bars and clubs stay open later without fixed closing hours.