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While visiting Montpellier you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit some of the numerous châteaux, castles mostly built in the 18th century accompanied by escort girl Montpellier. The castles may be found either in the centre of Montpellier that is nevertheless unusual for the city, or in the suburbs, or outside the city. Some of the châteaux have been renovated, supplied with all necessary amenities and turned into chic hotels popular among affluent customers.

You should note that some of the castles are of a private property and cannot be visited. However even if the inner quarters of the castle are closed to public, the surrounded park (if there is one) is usually open and free. Those of municipal property are usually open to public during warm season and house either nothing in particular, or museums, or chamber concert halls. Some châteaux have wine cellars where local appellations produced in the own vineyard can be tasted.

Château de Flaugergues is one of the few castles located within the city borders, about three kilometers away of the centre. Accompanied by Montpellier call girl you will get it in forty minutes walk. Built in the 17th century and originally being a country house, the château together with its parks and vineyards now belongs to the city and consequently open to public during summer period. Inside the château you can see marvelous well kept 17th and 18th century furniture and art pieces. Outside the building there is a splendid park containing French gardens and vineyards Coteaux de la Méjanelle. If you are not keen on antique furniture you can take a stroll around the park accompanied by your call girl Montpellier or admire a subtle taste of wine produced here.

Another historic monument Château de la Mogere is located in the suburbs. Built in the 18th century the building is a great sample of Renaissance style in architecture. The castle is surrounded by a park comprising a mixture of an English park and gardens à la française with wonderful fountains decorated with statues. The girls Montpellier will obviously admire the surroundings. The interior contains 18th century furniture and marvelous wall-paintings worth being seen also.

Another suburban castle originally located out of the city, Chateau de la Mosson, is a wonderful sample of the château. Built during the 18th century the mansion was desolated after the owner’s family had become a bankrupt, and was used as facilities for various manufactures. Starting from 1982 the château has belonged to the city. The inner quarters contain Salon de Musique designed in the Italian style. A fifteen hectare park does not have an outlook it used to have during the time of prosperity, though the fountain still exists and the city tries to renovate the park to return it the original look. Both you and the call girls Montpellier will obviously be impressed with the former splendor of the castle preserved despite the desolation.

Being a typical French city Montpellier is surrounded by numerous vinelands spread out at the area called Coteaux du Languedoc, regarded to be the largest kind of an area in the world. The peculiarity of Montpellier is that some vineyards are located within the city borders, that is unusual even for France. In the year 2003 the Grés de Montpellier appellation was established that comprises the local technology of wine production and the quality of Montpellier vinelands.

To taste the grès de Montpellier is a must for tourists visiting the region and for all who appreciate fine wine. Thanks to traditional combination of local grapes the Montpellier appellation is distinguished with deep ruby color and subtle taste resembling berries flourishing. Staying in the city you and escort girl Montpellier will have a wonderful opportunity to admire the appellation.

If you want to feel local peculiarities you should forget about hotel breakfast and accompanied by Montpellier call girl go out to the city early in the morning to have a jolt of fresh air and typical French breakfast, which is believed to be light consisting of a baguette with cheese or ham, or some pastry (a croissant being the most famous one) and an inevitable cup of coffee (obviously natural thus aromatic and extremely delicious). Numerous cafés are open from the early morning and very popular both among locals and tourists, since having breakfast out is a traditional way to start a day.

As it is general for most Montpellier restaurants to be closed for one full day or some part of the day you should be careful and ask your escort girl Montpellier to check the working hours. Considering the popularity of some restaurants among the locals as well as the tourists, there may be a need of preliminary booking of a table in the place, especially during the peak season.

The vicinity of the sea defines the use of seafood and fish in Montpellier cookery. If the seafood is your preference you should certainly visit Regis Brasserie restaurant famous for its menu containing twenty-five recipes for moules (mussels). Accompanied by call girl Montpellier you will enjoy the food.

A café or bistro located at Place de la Comédie will make you and your escort girl Montpellier feel a traditional French atmosphere. On the other hand the venues located among the contemporary cityscapes of the Antigone District will create a cosmopolitan urban atmosphere. One of the top-rated and consequently most expensive restaurant Le Jardin des Sens is surrounded by own tiny but picturesque garden and serves haute cuisine.

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