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Female, 48 years from Montreal, Canada:
Skin color: Caucasian.
Build: Curvy.
Looks: Sexy.
Hair color: Blond.
Hair length: Long.
Eye color: Green.
Bust size: E+ (Enormus).
Height: 5`4 (163cm).
Smoker: Non smoker.
Nationality: Canadian.
Languages: English, French.
Availability: INCALL, OUTCALL.
About me:

Dare to Discover ... Emma

Gentlemen. Great Art and Great Sex: they both gush from the same deeply enigmatic wellspring of our creative imaginations.

It is therefore no coincidence that when we speak of a male artist, we cannot help but think also of his female muse. When we speak of Dante, do we not think of Beatrice? Shakespeare is forever tied to his Dark Lady. Rodin had his Camille. Weston, his Charis. Dali, his Gala. Modigliani, his Jeanne.

And you? Have you found your muse?

She will make all the difference!

So maybe you don’t think of yourself as an artist. Your paintings will never hang in the MoMA. Your poetry may never win a wreath of laurels. Maybe you’re just plain tired and bored with yourself. And yet ... whether or not he considers himself to be an artist, every man quietly and inwardly nourishes his own unique vision and understanding of the world. And every man carries within his heart the need to somehow express this authentic part of his being to others. Everyone has something special to offer.

When a man is lucky enough to find his own true muse, she will not only inspire him to fulfill this need for true self-expression, but she will also enable him to discover secret aspects of himself that he didn’t quite know existed. His muse will show him new and exciting connections between himself and the world. Connections that are aesthetic, sensual, and sexual.

One thing is sure: your own true muse will overflow with arousing surprises for you. She will always be ready with a mischievous jolt of stimulation at just the right moment. And if you don’t happen to have your paintbrush ready at that instant, well ... you’ll just have to content yourself with channeling that surge of artistic creativity into the related mysteries of, say ...





Yes, your dull world can indeed be magically transformed by your lady. And she knows it, don’t think for a moment that she doesn’t! You will see that knowledge in her sparkling hazel eyes as they lock with yours. You will feel it in her warm, intimate, caressing presence. In her sweet breath tickling across your quivering skin. Through her softly sensual, yet delightfully assertive, lips. Her scrumptious kisses that make all mundane awareness melt away. Her naughty grin. Her love of laughter. Her passion for how she makes you feel. Her yearning for how you can make her feel ...

Gentlemen. Dare to discover your own true muse. Dare to discover ...


1h$ 250,00
2h$ 500,00
3h$ 700,00
Languages spoken:
Location: Montreal, Canada
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