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Lyon, France

Apart from the architectural and historical places of interest there are marvelous parks in the city which your escorte girl Lille and you can visit at any time. The Bois de Boulogne in Lille is a large wooden park around the Citadel counting as much as 846 hectares in square. Originally used as a kings hunting place the park has become extremely popular among joggers and families visiting the place together with their kids. It consists of the Parc de Bagatelle, the Jardin d'Acclimatation, the Jardin des serres d'Auteuil and the Jardin du Pré-Catelan. For joggers and other citizens keen on sports activities there is a special fitness trail of 2.5 kilometers in length.The Bois de Boulogne has begun to be used actually as a park since 1852. There are two splendid lakes in the park:  the "Lac Supérieur" (large lake) and the "Lac Inférieur" (small lake) connected with picturesque waterfalls. You can take a romantic rowing tour over the lakes together with your girls Lille as there is a possibility to hire a boat. Take care to pick up a photo camera as there will be lots of splendid views worth being shot. Theatre lovers have a wonderful chance to visit the Théâtre de Verdure in the Jardin Shakespeare located in the Jardin du Pré-Catelan. The park offers an opportunity to take a cycle or horse riding tour around as there is a 35-kilometer cycle track and a 28-kilometer horse path in the park. In spite of rambling around accompanied by your call girl Lille you may take an exciting cycle or horse riding tour enjoying both the movement and the scenes. For your convenience both transport means can be hired in the park. Another Lille prominent park Jardin Vauban (Vauban Gardens) is relatively small but thoroughly designed with a lot of flowers. Laid out in 1865 the park has remained practically unchanged.  Accompanied by call girls Lille you will be able to see wonderful orchards and other beautiful flowers in the Gardens. Outside activities either walking, or cycling, or horse riding usually provokes a good appetite, therefore when you decide it is enough of stroll or ride, you will obviously be ready to have a good snack. You may be astonished to know that there are more than 2,500 bars and restaurants in Lille meeting any tastes and preferences. The majority of locations serve fish and seafood dishes saying nothing of traditional French cuisine. If you or escort girls Lille like beer you will be surprised to know that Lille is sometimes called a French capital of beer since there are several breweries offering local kinds of the beverage you will never be able to come across in any other area.  Another distinguished feature of Lille gastronomy is certainly an ice-cream regarded to be the best in France and, as believed by the citizens, in the whole world. Escort girl Lille will be delighted to try it in order to be sure all is said is true. Going to dine out in Lille you had better pass along the restaurants located at Grand Place and Place du Theatre. The restaurants on side streets offer tastier dishes at lower cost. The best opportunity to eat in the city together with call girl Lille you will find in the Vieux Lille housing a wide range of wonderful restaurants and top rated bars. You should mind the peculiarities of Lille cuisine in order to compare it to other French cities cooking. There are actually three distinctive dishes traditionally served in Lille. The first is Carbonnade Flamande that is beef simmered in beer.  Another is waterzoi, a chicken or fish dish served with a cream sauce. And the last one is moules-frites which is fried mussels served with vegetables. You should try one of these specialties and discuss it with girls Lille. However the most important feature of Lille gastronomy is cheese, no doubt. The citizens seem to be fond of this product more than any other people in the world. Drop into any food shop in  Vieux Lille and you will see such variety of cheeses you will never observe anywhere else. Besides all the cheeses are of very high quality, each type having own peculiarity. Both you and escort girl Lille will have an opportunity to choose the cheese fit your taste. One kind of cheese stands out of others as it is traditional for Lille. The cheese is called Vieux Lille or Puant de Lille. It smells awfully but you should taste it and you will surely love its peculiar salty and strong taste especially matching strong coffee of robust beer. Recommend your call girl Lille to taste the cheese, she will surely be astonished with the smell but delighted with the taste.Unlike other European countries like Germany, Denmark, Austria and others where beer is considered a national drink, France is more known for its wine, you have evidently had an opportunity to get a proof of it while visiting other cities accompanied by escort girl a Lille. It is generally unusual for France to have local breweries. Therefore Lille stands out of other French cities since there are several breweries where beer is being prepared. To have an opportunity to taste local beer you will have to drop into Les Brasseurs bar located next to Lille Flanders Station. The bar sells four locally brewed kinds of beer and numerous kinds of other beers. Local beer can be either dark or light. Nevertheless while tasting local beer together with escort girl Lille you should mind it is much stronger than other kind of beer.