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Montpellier, France

Further south you will find Montpellier, the eighth largest city of France founded about 1000 A.D. It was called the fastest growing French city for the last 25 years. In the Middle Age period the city became a prominent trading centre with a cosmopolitan feature since the Jew, Muslims and Cathars, and later Huguenots, lived peacefully side by side. This cosmopolitan character has remained a distinctive feature of the city until today, though now it has a pronounced Arab character especially underlined after North Africa French colonies got independence in the early 1960s. There is a number of old mansions around the city, some of them have been turned into hotels therefore while booking a hotel to stay with your escort Montpellier you should be careful about the address of the hotel as most of them are located either in the suburbs or up to thirty kilometers away. Nevertheless if you have no intention to see the city sights or do some shopping you may choose one of such out-of-the-city mansions and enjoy your stay there together with Montpellier escort, whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.One of inner-city hotels is a contemporary Pullman Montpellier Antigone offering a roof terrace with a pool and all updated amenities. Another one is an old-fashioned Holiday Inn Montpellier where you can take a bath in a luxurious marble bath-tub, all modern amenities and top service are obligatory. Both hotels are located in the very centre of the city thus you will have an opportunity to reach all places of interest by taking a short walk accompanied by your escorts Montpellier.One of the multiple hotels located outside the city is Château De Christin. A four-staged chic hotel located in a former Château is twenty-five kilometers away from Montpellier. Offering a full range of modern amenities the hotel is surrounded by a beautiful park with a pool, footpaths and a garden with aromatic herbs. You will be delighted to stroll around the park together with Montpellier escorts contemplating the picturesque surroundings and swimming in an open pool. If you choose to stay at this or any other hotel located putside the city you may need to hire a car. In general Montpellier makes an impression of a pretty southern French city with a number of fountains (over seventy, the majority have been built or renovated since the 1990’s) and parks (over fifty laid out in each district of the city) and a lot of students (about 20% of the population). Among the distinctive features of the city the presence of both old and modern architectural styles can be outlined. Place de la Comédie is an evident centre of the city. Take a walk accompanied by your escort Montpellier to reach this oval in shape and vast in size square sometimes called an egg. It is a pedestrian area with Opéra building, Fontaine des Trois Graces (fountain of the Three Graces), a couple of luxurious hotels (Grand Hotel du Midi and Hotel du Parc) and a number of cafés (Café Riche being the most pretentious). Strolling around the city you can come across Arc de Triomphe, a monument which can often be met in France. It is bright yellow in colour decorated with several bas-reliefs resembling Porte Saint-Denis in Paris.One of the landmarks of the city Promenade du Peyrou can be described as a terraced park. Together with escort a Montpellier you will be delighted with an exceptional view on the city opened from the terraces. The area is often used for various festivals. The promenade extends from Arc de Triomphe up to Aqueduc St-Clément. The aqueduct is connected with Château d’Eau, a water pavilion that ends the promenade. Probably the most unusual place that attracts tourists visiting the city is Aqueduc St-Clément. Though resembling the Roman Pont du Gard, the Aqueduc St-Clément was built in the 17th century. Water from the St Clemént spring fourteen kilometers away goes along the aqueduct to the water tower next to Promenade de Peyrou and then fills in the city fountains.  The last 800 meters of the aqueduct water channel are supported by two rows of arches, one on the top of the other, giving the name les Arceaux to the area beneath where an open market takes place twice a week and traditional pétanque (a kind of typically French game played with metal balls) is played on a regular basis. You and escort Montpellier should certainly see the picturesque place and the game invented in Provence. Jardin des plantes (Botanic garden) set in 1593 and enlarged several times during the 19th century is the oldest in France. If you stroll around together with Montpellier escort you will likely come across a small pond with a statue of François Rabelais nearby. Cathédrale Saint-Pierre is now a residence of the Archbishop of Montpellier. The building has two identical high towers at the both sides of the entrance that is the main architectural peculiarity of the church. Stained glass windows typical for Rome Catholic churches and some interesting paintings can be found in the cathedral.   Esplanade Charles-De-Gaulle is a wide promenade, a kind of a narrow park with alleys and fountains. It stretches form Place de la Comédie up to Corum, a modern theater built of rose marble in 1988. Musée Fabre, an art gallery of the city containing paintings of such prominent artists as Rubens, Veronese, David, Degas, Courbet, Delacroix is located in the western part of the esplanade. In the eastern part there are Champ de Mars gardens with gorgeous contemporary statues. You will evidently enjoy taking a tour along the esplanade sitting in a mini-train or a horsed carriage together with escort Montpellier.