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Агентство: Passion VIP.
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Эскорт девушка, 25 Лет из Бирмингем, Великобритания:
Цвет кожи: Белый.
Телосложение: Стройное.
Внешность: Мега сексуальная.
Цвет волос: Черные.
Длина волос: Длинные.
Цвет глаз: Темный или черный.
Размер груди: E+ (oгромная).
Рост: 5`9 (175cm).
Курение: Некурящий.
Языки: English.
Обо мне:
Sofia is a bustier Lush lady, with a slim and naturally large busted frame! She stands at 5"9, with a 34DD bust and dress size 10 figure. Gorgeous long black hair, and enchanting brown eyes! She is certainly an attractive, bisexual escort!
Sofia personality we believe makes her best suited for the more nerve of clients, or those whom are looking for an experienced and very eager girl! Sofia is superbly easy to get along with. She has a very easy going and welcoming personality and is extremely friendly and nerve easing. She is a very willing and eager girl, who really does know what she is doing both in and out the bedroom. She has an outward going, fun and bubbly personality you just can’t help but love. She is a true Birmingham escort, who is rather open minded too!
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1h£ 150,00
2h£ 280,00
24h£ 850,00
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Место нахождения: Бирмингем, Великобритания
Эл. адрес: Свяжитесь со мной
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