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, 23 Лет из Салоники, Греция:
Цвет кожи: Азиатский.
Телосложение: Нормальный.
Внешность: Мега сексуальная.
Цвет волос: Брюнетка.
Длина волос: Очень длинные.
Цвет глаз: Коричневый.
Размер груди: C (Большая).
Рост: 5`5 (166cm).
Курение: Некурящий.
Доступность: Выезжаю, Приглашаю.
Обо мне:
Feel my breasts, feel my bum... feel me!"

Guys always love watching my boobs...and I always enjoy teasing with them.They"re so round and firm and full. I usually have to squish them into my bras in the morning. I often watch myself in the mirror and just smile as my huge boobs look so sexy and jump out so far from my body.

During our date wasting no time, you will began to rub my breasts through my bra, making me more excited. My nipples became so hard and pointy .Taking my bra off, you then proceeded to suck on one of my breasts as you keeping the other.You can hardly fit those in your hand. They"re so big and squishy.
My pussy will be pulsating. You can proceeded to suck and play with my tits for as much as you wish and we kiss again and again. During that time, I will sucking and licking my own nipples as you pushed my big tits together. Finally, you managed to get down to my underwear, which now had a huge wet spot in the front. Oh shit! I didn"t realize how wet I become...

I then asked you to lie on the bed. I took both my breasts in my hand and wrapped your cock with them. Ohh god the hard cock rubbing my soft boobs felt so nice. I rolled my breasts around your tool and massaged the hard cock.I then moved my breasts all over your body and gave you boobs massage. Yours finger pushed into my choot and you explored the inside hole with it, I wanted you inside me now! I am so hot! Oohhh god! Fucking nice!

Come to discovery the end of the story or to create your own .....

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2h€ 350,00
3h€ 500,00
6h€ 700,00
12h€ 1.000,00
24h€ 1.500,00
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Место нахождения: Салоники, Греция
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