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Трансы, 50 Лет из Блэкпул, Великобритания:
Цвет кожи: Кавказский.
Телосложение: Очень худое.
Внешность: Сексуальная.
Цвет волос: Блондинка.
Рост: 5`4 (163cm).
Длина волос: По плечо.
Размер груди: B (средняя).
Цвет глаз: голубой.
Курение: Некурящий.
Национальность: Британский эскорт.
Языки: English.
Доступность: Выезжаю, Приглашаю.
Обо мне:
i am a petite, curvy, transexual passive cougar.

5`4` and told i`m a hot sexy lady with gorgeous legs and bum. Mesmerizing Blue eyes, kissable red lips, tactile, natural B cup breasts (am on estrogen), and feminine bum n thighs. Presently favour my spiky blonde, though my second fave is my `Cheryl Cole` style dark shaped two tone hair, though also have OTT long copper red curly!

Clothes-wise i favour the mini in both skirts and dresses in the main, though with my retro 50s style lingerie i have just started on 50s style swing dresses as an alternative. i always try to dress as instructed by my men, whether it is tarty for the bedroom, slutty office (standard weekdays), or demure and classy for going out, or general casual everyday wear, and, as i like role-play, i have a limited array of costumes; little girl, schoolgirl, sissy, maid, (and a nurses outfit is on its way*) and am happy to fulfil the tasks those roles may take.

i am an experienced escort, and am as happy in the bedroom as going out on an evening date; be it drinks, wine n dine, or theatre etc..

* i have also catered for clients with parkinsons disease and severely disabled including bed-baths. i am very happy to be there just as company and to be a help, caring and companionship. Sex is not the only service i provide.
Дополнительные услуги:
Bondage, disabled clients, strap-on, giving HS, foot fetish, party escort, dates out, real office work, maid duties
30min£ 40,00
1h£ 60,00
2h£ 120,00
3h£ 180,00
6h£ 350,00
12h£ 500,00
24h£ 1.000,00
Знание иностранных языков:
Место нахождения: Блэкпул, Великобритания
Эл. адрес: Свяжитесь со мной
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