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Female, 25 years from NOW in Delhi, India:
Skin color: White.
Build: Slim.
Looks: Sexy.
Hair color: Black.
Hair length: Long.
Eye color: Dark or black.
Bust size: D (Very Large).
Height: 5`7 (171cm).
Smoker: Smoker but will not if asked.
Nationality: Indian.
Languages: English, Hindi.
Availability: INCALL, OUTCALL.
About me:
My name is Sara Kaur. I am a resident of Delhi. I was born in Delhi and I am 24 years old and my length is 5 feet 4 inches. My big eyes are very beautiful and my colour is white like milk my body skin is soft like butter. My youth has just begun. my body is composed of sexual desire. I have just started this young girl and I do not want to stop this young girl and I have to bed with many new people. I am an open heart girl. I live alone in Delhi. My friends also live with me. I have joined and I provide Delhi escorts,high profile escort. I work in my friend Independent, there are few call girls in Delhi who are independently I work totally by myself but I am completely free myself.
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Location: Delhi, India
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Now in tour:
Location: NOW in Delhi, India
Date: 2019-10-17 - 2020-09-26
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